Friday, April 11, 2014

Depressed thoughts

-I asked my husband a few minutes ago if he ever desired human touch. He didn't answer.
-I've been depressed for a while again. I probably should call my doctor and get my meds upped. It's starting to interfere with my every day life.
I thought I might go to a movie tonight.... nothing's playing that I fucking want to see.
I wish I could go to sleep and sleep til morning but if I go to sleep now, I'll be up from 1 a.m. which will just make thing worse.
Work has been sucky lately, but it's likely because I'm sad and not handling things well. The least little thing makes me cry. So I'm either angry or sad most of the time. I rarely get mad at co-workers but yesterday and today, I was PISSED.
I said something about going out to eat alone. An old, old friend asked why I was eating alone. Well, because I'm married to an alcoholic and eating along is preferable to eating with him.