Saturday, May 11, 2013

Perceptions . . .

All my life, I wanted to be . . . Well, I was going to say 'thin' but that's not it. I just didn't want to be FAT.

I achieved that once when I was 17. My father and mother told me if I'd get down to a certain weight, they would buy me car.

Message: I would be worthy of a car, were I not FAT.

I lost that weight. I got that car. I proceeded to gain the weight back.

I've tried WW, optifast and dieting myself. I am now a Type II diabetic because I was always FAT.

I see myself as FAT. It shapes my life (pun intended). It is a great excuse for all my other failings and character defects.

I'm 57 years old now. I will likely always be FAT.

I'm sure people don't like me because I am FAT.

My husband would love me enough if I were not FAT.

I would have a better job if I were not FAT. (though I love the one I have)

My life would be better if I were not FAT.