Sunday, January 01, 2012

Realizing how sad it is that I was the designated driver at a party I wasn't invited to

I was really depressed and upset last night. I had no one to party with. Well, the dog, but then he's not much of a party animal.

I was in bed by 7:00. Husband woke me up to eat.

Eat, mess on the computer for a while.

Back to bed.


Neighbors start shooting off fireworks at 15 minute intervals.

Finally, drift back to sleep around 11:00.

12:30 the phone rings - - daughter and family need ride home from NYE party they attended.

Back up. Drive across town. Bring them home.

Try to go back to sleep again. It was probably 2:30 before I could fall asleep again.

Up at 9:00, when sister calls. Nice chat.

Sad when you can't find a party on NYE.