Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year has arrived

As it does every year or so.

Already working hard on getting some health issues handled.

  • new glasses
  • saw a podiatrist, new med.
  • scheduled to see an endocrinologist
  • need to schedule to see an opthamologist
  • need to schedule to get a colonoscopy (oh, joy)
  • need to get a mammogram
So, well not that much done but some.

Diabetes is almost a full time job. And after all these years, I don't fully understand it. I've been on insulin for over a year now and still don't understand that either. I never know how much to give for particular blood sugar levels. One of the reasons my primary care wanted me to go to an endocrinologist was so that I could explore changing from NPH to Lantus. Apparently it's more 'modern'.

It is hard to get back into a better eating pattern. I want what I want when I want it. Like right now? I want a coke. Really badly, I want a coke. And there is nothing else sweet in the house, because I drank the last of the grape juice earlier today.

I find that when I do best with diabetes is when I have a good schedule. As soon as the little one goes back to school I'll try to do just that --- schedule.