Saturday, January 07, 2012

I know everybody's working for the weekend, but weekends are lonely for me.

My own fault. I've lived in Champaign since 2001 and I still don't have any close friends my age. Consequently, no girlfriends to go out for girls night or to grab something to eat or to catch a movie.

The person I live with is down watching some damn show about a bomb disposal team in Afghanistan --- which I'm sure is interesting to somebody but not to me. The television is inoperable to me because the person downstairs has the cable remote.

I can officially say that typing a blog entry is a time killer. I can only check FB so many times or play Words with Friends or Hanging with Friends before I want to gouge my eyes out.

Then today, I find out that I get to spend tomorrow alone, too. "Oh, yeah, did I forget to tell you I have to work Sunday?"

I act like it matters --- we never spend time on the same floor of the condo at the same time anyway.