Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Humpity Hump Day is over :)

I assumed new responsibilities at work. On one hand, NOT excited. On the other I like the challenge. Seems like more and more is getting put on me, but I still have a job.

Even though I work at home for people I have never seen, I take my responsibilities seriously.

I will be invoicing for clients now. My clients and other people's clients.

My clients I understand. Their clients I do not.

I also had a bad experience to day with a contractor. I wanted to strangle the person which makes working over the internet a positive. I'd hate to end up in jail. So, I passed the person and their problem on to one of my co-workers when that contractor basically called me stupid. I was too stupid to work with them, that's for sure.

Granddaughter starts back to school after the winter break. I know she'll be happy to get back into her routine. She loves school. I'm grateful that my daughter was smart enough to do what she thought was right and got her the help she needed so she could be successful at school and love it.