Thursday, July 02, 2009

I actually baked!!

I never, ever, have considered myself a baker or a cook for that matter. I get by but just barely.
I can screw up the simplest thing.

Recently, I found a blog, The Good, The Bad, ok mostly bad.. that I adore and through that I found a cooking blog that has recipes that appeal to me and that I feel like I can actually attempt. The Southern Plate is the best cooking blog I've seen, not that I've seen that many.

For a week or so, I've been wanting to make her Sundae Cake and last night I stayed up late and made it so that my husband could take it to work this morning. (I kept out three for me, one for my daughter and one for my granddaughter.) My husband WHO IS A COOK, is never effusive in his praise of anything I cook but evidently his co-workers have been sending him emails asking for the recipe. He forwarded me an email that said: I’m not a big choc cake fan (generally too dry for me), but that tastes goooood…like there’s pudding in the mix or something….had a little bite…good stuff, thanks!!

So, I'm feeling pretty puffed up today. I'm a success. The ingredients are cheap and simple... a boxed chocolate cake mix, cool whip (I used lite), chocolate syrup, nuts and cherries. This is a great 4th of July recipe for those family and friend potlucks and cookouts.

My next cooking foray will be her Crock Pot Chicken And Dressing.