Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hubby leaves for Chicago for 3 days.

It's quiet.

I settle into the recliner. Surf the channels. Nothing much on.

Check out Pay-for View. Ah, Gran Torino. Nothing like Eastwood.

Noise outside. Ignore. Man, that crow is loud. Movie gets interesting.

Noise. That almost sounds like a duck. Continue watching.

Noise continues. Sounds like it's right under the window.

Pause the action.

Walk to the back door.

Open back door and almost step on a baby duck.

Mother duck hissing. Lots of baby ducks.

Try to remember where the camera is. Ah, the daughter has it.

Grab phone with camera. Go out front door. Walk around behind the house.

Hostas contain mother duck and eight little ducklings.

Mother leaves yard and crosses cul-de-sac.

I follow.

Mother and her babes wind through yards staying close to houses.

I follow at a distance.

Realize she is taking the ducklings to lake across major road.

I stop traffic in both directions.

Mother and ducklings cross and disappear into corn field on their way to the lake.

I get Hi-5's from the motorist in both directions.

I am amazed.

And grateful.

Thank God for my mother who taught me to appreciate wildlife.

Walk home.

Finish watching Gran Torino.

Good movie. Moral: There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Great afternoon.