Monday, June 01, 2009

Ah, hurry up would you!

Twice this weekend, I had the privilege of coming to a full stop and waiting for a gaggle of geese to cross the road. The first time was Saturday morning near Culver's on S. Neil. I believe there were close to 50 of them and they took their sweet time crossing.

Yesterday, we got to wait on West Springfield just past Prairie Gardens. It was a smaller group but they were taking their time also until a car swerved around them. They can move a little faster when motivated.

A couple of years ago, while walking the trail across Robeson Park, I was shocked to see a mother duck and her ducklings in front me crossing the bridge. The board bridge is barely above water level so each duck had to hop up on to the bridge and then hop off at the other side. The mother duck stood between us with a menacing look on her face. There were eight and I felt like God had given me that show just to lift my spirits.

I don't really want them to hurry up. I want to slow down.