Monday, May 25, 2009

Ends and Odds

Sorry to have been so absent. I've had to use my emotional energy for myself for a couple of weeks and so I haven't felt like writing.

First update: I started on insulin on April 29. It's working. We're still tweaking it but my blood sugar numbers have come down remarkably. Below are the averages for last week, and the week before. Sometimes day to day it's difficult to really see how remarkable the progress is but when you start charting and graphing and Exceling, it's easier grasp.

Week One Week Two
FBS 125 FBS 114

2 p.m. 244 2 p.m. 199

8 p.m. 184 8 p.m. 165

In addition, four nights last week, I had real honest to goodness lows. I'm type 2 Diabetic so I've always had high numbers. The first time it happened, I was shocked. That's all straightened out now but I was thrilled because up until that time, I really had no hope that I might EVER be healthy again.

2nd update:

Granddaughter had her dance recital last week. She was so cute and did well. She did tap to Zippety Doodah. This dance thing has been a struggle with her this year trying to get her to concentrate in class but she made it.

The recital itself was MUCH better than I anticipated. I really enjoyed myself, although it was way too long and she was in the 3rd Act.

3rd Update: I've learned that my Uncle George has a tumor in his liver which is evidently untreatable. I ask you to send out positive energy to him and his wife Pat as he makes that final journey.

I have some things to look forward to... soon I will be going to visit my sister in Arkansas. She just bought a house and I'm anxious to see it. In addition, I am excited about taking granddaughter on the SS BADGER across Lake Michigan and going for a few days to Green Bay or the Dells.