Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Usurped again, naturally.

How come I can never have a problem, a worry, an illness that is not usurped by someone else's problem, worry or illness?

I'm going through something, that to me is pretty bad and pretty upsetting but I can't get any support because other people are naturally going through a bigger problem worry and/or illness at the present time.

I might as well keep it to myself, but you, my readers are going to read my whine.

I honestly sought to tell somebody about something that is going on with me and I barely had the first sentence out of my mouth before I was told that they were going through something much worse.

I want to be supportive. I really do. But shouldn't that be a two-way street? Shouldn't it?
Why should I care about their shit, when they totally ignore mine?

I guess I can just sit here and cry for a while.