Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oh a churching we will go...

I just got back from a meeting with my pastor.

I joined this church in November after attending there about a year.

I'll be frank, I started going there because of the children's programming. My granddaughter's opportunities include Circle of Friends Youth Club, Vacation Bible School, Children's Choir, Sunday School, and a great worship service. An added bonus is that the church started Faithful Friends Preschool this year.

My daughter also joined when I joined and has attended sporadically since then. We go to granddaughter's functions like the Youth Club ending program and the Thanksgiving Dinner.

We've both had problems meeting people at the church and that was the topic of my meeting with the pastor. In my deep place I know that all churches have some issues with welcoming people and folding them into the life of the church but I wanted to be special. I wanted people to get to know me rather than me get to know them, I guess.

What brought this problem to a place of importance in my life is the previously mentioned Youth Club Dinner. Daughter, Son-in-law, granddaughter and I attended. We sat at a table by ourselves, and no one spoke to us. Well, one guy spoke to granddaughter as she was dragging chairs to the side to put away. I do make an attempt to converse with people and they aren't unpleasant but they aren't friendly either.

The pastor, who I really like, acknowledged the problem and apologized.

Now, my daughter and I have to get to work to see what it's going to take to help this church recognize their obligation to be the light of the world, or at least the light for the new people joining their midst.