Monday, April 13, 2009

Odds & Ends about out trip to Arkansas

The beginning of our lovely trip began with a family meltdown. While trying to get breakfast in Matoon, everything just kind of exploded. I guess everyone was tired and there was a lot of tension around the trip.

Friday night we spent a nice evening at my sister's with my brother & his family. All three kids managed to come which was good because I've only ever seen them 1 or 2 times. The oldest is in college and the youngest in high school. I really enjoyed getting to visit with the kids. Excellent pizza, excellent bread pudding with rum sauce made by my sister and a really good pasta salad, also made by my sister.

Daughter, granddaughter, husband and I stayed the night at my sister's while my son and his wife stayed at their Uncle's. After everyone was asleep, granddaughter got up and got herself a tall glass of water, sat down on the couch to drink it & spilled it everywhere. This necessitated a change of clothes and mopping up of the couch. About 30 minutes after everyone got to sleep the 2nd time she fell off the couch and cried for a bit. Put her back down and then she could stop coughing so I sat up with her in the recliner until she fell back asleep.

Day two was with my husband's family at his brother's house. It has been a long, long time since we've all been together. The only person missing was daughter's husband who had to go be with his stepmom upon the death of her brother. Granddaughter had a really good time playing with her cousin Kylee. My brother-in-law and his wife are gracious hosts and we were really well-fed.

Saturday night found our group looking for a Mexican restaurant in Austin, Arkansas called Coco's. We ended up in Beebe, Arkansas at Chipotles, which was tasty. It was quite an adventure, as we were in two cars and kept losing each other. We stopped 2x to ask for directions and sister drove over a curb and nearly killed us all :)

We had to leave the next day, bright and early. We drove by Lamberts in Sikeston and it wasn't crowded so we stopped in and had some rolls thrown at us.

As I was driving, I saw a huge bird flying across a farm pond and I couldn't figure out what it was. I knew it was a heron of any kind. It didn't look like a vulture and then I saw it's beautiful white head. It was an eagle... the very first one I've ever seen in the wild. I felt blessed. (Mom always visits with me by sending me birds to look at)

Four hours out, everyone else asleep, daughter and I realized granddaughter was too quiet and she had her blanket pulled up over her head. I wish I had a picture but her whole face and her hands were covered in chocolate. She had broken into the Easter basket and gotten out a large Kiss and had been sneaking it. We got her cleaned up but what came next was priceless. She had a chocolate high. She giggled & carried on and sang and said ridiculous things until all of us were nearly dead from laughing so hard. My ribs still hurt today.

Finally made it home safely.