Thursday, April 02, 2009

Granddaughter fun

Last night I got a phone call from my granddaughter. She called to let me know it was snowing outside and I should go look. Of course then it was "April Fools". She did this to her mother and father, too. Each thought the other had put her up to it. Most likely she got it from school. She made the rounds calling Aunt Ashley and Uncle Simon and her grandfather and I don't know who else. She was very pleased with herself.

Earlier today, I came downstairs and granddaughter said "I got a fish for Taggie but he didn't like it"

Uh oh. I have 4 aquariums down there.

I asked her to show me the net she used to catch Taggie's fish.

She got it and lo and behold there was one of my little guppies, gasping for air. I put him back in the tank and seems to be doing fine. sigh

Later, I asked granddaughter if she wanted to help me fold towels. She loves to fold those towels. I asked her to go check and see if they were dry yet. Less than a minute later I headed that way and she had a funny look on her face. She'd poured about a cup of fabric softener in the dryer with the towels.

It was an accident she said. sigh