Monday, March 30, 2009

What Monday Brings

Well the weekend is gone and a new week starts and hopefully a better attitude.

It was a quiet weekend with the kids gone and hubby working but I made it through.

I'd like to thing that in my previous post about being lonely, I was just stating what I was feeling and not feeling sorry for myself or trying to make you feel sorry for me.

Often times, I don't stop to examine what my feelings really are. I just kind of bull right through them. Friday, I wanted to name what I was feeling so I did. I was feeling lonely.

I slept in a little this morning, since the little one doesn't come into my care until noon and I feel rested. I am hoping it will be warm enough outside to take a walk this afternoon. She really enjoys our walks and picking up objects of nature to carry around---a stick, a rock, a leaf.

Her birthday is at the end of April and Hubby and I went bike shopping last week. I dreaded it, as I thought we might go to every bike shop in town but we found just what hubby was looking for at the first one we walked into--wrote a check and came home with at 16 in. pink bike complete with a basket and a little bell to ring.

Next big event/obstacle is another trip to Arkansas to visit hubby's dad again. Both our children and their spouses are going along with the grandkid. I rented 2 cars, rather than a van (for under $200). We are going on Good Friday and returning on Easter. The kids hope they will get to see their cousins on this trip because it's been so long since they've seen them. I'm hoping for good weather. The kids are staying at their Aunt and Uncle's house. They have a basement apartment complete with shower. Hubby, granddaughter and I are staying at my sister's house.

The Father-in-law has chemo again this week after finally being able to get his port put in last week. He has blood clots in the veins (not arteries) of his leg and arm and finding it quite painful to walk. Mother-in-law reports that he is losing his hair rapidly. I can't remember how much hair he lost with the last round of cancer.

I'm on the beginning quest to get a new computer. So many other bills but a computer I must have :)