Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How bad is the economy when someone breaks into your car and there's nothing to steal?

Last night, someone went through our car and the cars of several neighbors. The took---nothing. At least I can't remember anything left in the car that isn't there now. My car was unlocked, so no damage.

My car was a mess, so I'm embarrassed that my thief saw it that way. My self-esteem is shattered today because someone out there knows I have a really messy car. Coke cups, except last night we brought them in. Fast food bags, granddaughter's art work from school. Junk mail. What must they think? Do the thieves get together and talk about the slobs they rob? Do they laugh and hoot and holler? Say things like: Man you should have seen this one car I was in last night, it was so dirty I thought I might find a pig in it?

The shame.

A police person just came to take a report. I told him: They took nothing. I have nothing to take. He understood. I did not tell him that when they caught these criminals they would confess to not robbing the dirtiest car they'd ever seen.

I'm trying to remember whether my Dixie Chic's CD was in the car or not and I'm too lazy to go look for it right now. I hope they aren't Dixie Chic fans. I hope they are Toby Keith fans. (I did NOT have a Toby Keith CD in the car.)