Monday, March 16, 2009


We got back late yesterday from our whirlwind trip to Arkansas.

When we arrived Friday evening, my father-in-law was on the phone with his oncologist. His blood pressure was in the 70/50 range. The doctor told him to go to the ER (evidently so he could hurry up and wait).

I don't know why he didn't just drink some damn Gatorade and see if his BP came back up but he has really good insurance and it won't cost him a dime.

Hubby took them to ER and other son and wife met them at the ER. Hubby came home about midnight and the rest of the entourage evidently got home around 2 a.m.

Me? I took the grandchild and went to my sister's. We had a lovely relaxed evening, eating sandwiches and ice cream sundaes.

The granddaughter really enjoyed my sister's dogs. In particular she spent the entire weekend carrying the smallest one, Suki, around. Suki was very patient--never growled or snapped. We didn't see the cats, which proves that cats are smarter than dogs.

We visited a couple of times with the inlaws, went out to lunch at Dixie Cafe & had another round of those delish sundaes, Saturday night.

Sunday morning we got on the road and got back about 6 last night. The granddaughter is a wonderful child to travel with. No whining, complaining, etc. We stopped pretty often to stretch and for bathroom/smoke breaks.

So, now it's back into the routine.