Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just some odds and ends

My sister has decided to leave California and move back to the area we were raised. This is fast and furious getting everything done. At some point I will fly out to Cali and then drive back to Arkansas with her---2000+ miles. This has thrown us into a tizzy around here trying to arrange childcare for the grandkid. I will be gone from a Sunday to a Sunday or Monday.

Monday is easy because her dad doesn't work. Tuesday, Mom is taking off. Wed is school, home for the afternoon with a friend and then Youth Club at church Thursday we haven't figured out. Friday is school and then Grandpa is keeping her in the afternoon.

Hubby's not happy with Obama---and is really angry about it. I'm just not going to listen to the news in his presence. Re: hiring lobbyist, not letting officials in previous admin be prosecuted for torturing folks, etc.

I'm back on my Meds again and going through that wonderful nausea thing AGAIN.

Facebook has turned out to be interesting. I had added my hubby's family to mine until I realized they must have attended a class at church in Facebook-Use your family's connections to Preach. So I started another facebook account and moved them all there. What I found out was amazing. I thought I wanted to know more about them, be more connected. No, I don't. Between the rants about Obama and Obama being black and Obama taking their tax money for abortion and stem-cell reasearch and the picture posted of my 7 year old great niece with a Chinese assault style gun, I realized no.. it's better not to know. So I closed that
account and I'll just go back to Birthday and Christmas cards. They really make no effort to keep up with us or contact us so ...

As I type, I am getting kitty lovins.

I continue to pray and hold the folks at The Sandwich Life in my heart as they go through many, many tough things including the conclusion of the blogger's sister's life. May peace come to them through many unexpected ways.