Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Small Price to Pay for Security

Granddaughter spent the night with us New Year's Eve while her parents went to Terre Haute and partied with friends.

A very tragic event happened that night. Tragic indeed.

Granddaughter's security blanket ripped down the middle.

The security blanket is actually her infant comforter, bought for her
before her birth by her Great Aunt Bambi. It came with a beautiful
crib bedding set.

Somewhere along the way, Granddaughter became attached to the tag
on this comforter. She rubs it across her lip to soothe herself.
As you can imagine, it is worn from all this love.

So what actually happened New Year's Eve was that there was a
small whole up by the tag on the backside and she probably got her
toe in it and ripped that side of the comforter right down the middle.

Grandpooh and I tried to figure out a quick fix but we don't really
sew and don't have a sewing machine.

As it turned out, they returned to Terre Haute for the weekend and
TA DA... Grandma Brenda saved the day. She does sew or rather she
and her sister sew. She took taggie, got in her car and drove to
Greencastle, Indiana (about 45 minutes away) and she and her sister
were able to fix taggie bye sewing the crib sheet on to the back of the
comforter and also affixing the tag (or taggie) that was on the
crib sheet next to the original taggie. The job they did looks
absolutely professional and should get Granddaughter into Kindergarten
age at least.

Neither of my kids ever had a security object so this has been quite
a learning experience for us.

Today, Granddaughter and I took a picture of her with Taggie, and we are
going to send it to that wonderful Grandma Brenda. Sometimes a hero is the
person you would least expect to be a hero.

Below is a picture of Granddaughter with Taggie before we all knew his name. And oh yes it is a he, and he is her "brother".