Sunday, January 04, 2009

New hobby (or picking up old hobby)

Hubby and I have picked up an old hobby, that of being aquarium
keepers. It started with one free aquarium and stand from freecycle and then
cleaning up an old one and getting a stand. I picked up another 29 gallon and
stand that needs to be refurbished. Son gave hubby a 6 gallon hex for his office
for Christmas.

We've had successes and failures but we keep on trying and learning.
Here are some pictures from the 2 tanks we have running.

The first tank, which is teaming with fish has guppies, kuhli loaches,
corydon catfish, and neon tetras. The 2nd tank has Tiger Barbs. 2
Pictus Catfish, one of which is laynies and she has named "dot, and 1

James has a set up to hatch brine shrimp to feed the fish. The baby
guppies are particularly grateful for his efforts.

James is trying to decide what to put in his tank at work.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures.