Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sunday, the daughter & I took the granddaughter to see Hotel for Dogs in Savoy. She'd seen the previews & had expressed a desire to go.

Granddaughter has never been to a movie at a theater but has been able to sit through movies like Wizard of Oz.

I see now how Netflix stays in business. The cost of tickets is ridiculous even for a matinee and of course the concession stand wants your arm and your leg for popcorn and a drink. I will say that the little kid's pack with a little bit of popcorn, a small drink and some candy that coats your teeth with sugar for days was somewhere around $3.00.

After sitting through about 79 trailers for other movies. The movie finally began.

It was a slow starter and the granddaughter became restless, playing on the bars in front of us. At one point she slipped through the bars and ran out of the theater with her mother in hot pursuit (it was time to go potty). At another quiet moment in the movie, granddaughter announces to the entire theater that before you go to the movie you should stop and get candy at the gas station because it's cheaper (which her mother had done).

She actually attended to the movie pretty well. Toward the end when something particularly sad happened she began weeping. As adults, we all know that the situation is going to be worked out and all will be well by the end of the movie. This child did not know that. Nothing we said would convince her that it was going to turn out all right. She has such a soft place in her heart for animals. I was glad that my daughter had thought to bring her "taggie" in the theater at the last minute. She loved on taggie and cried until the movie finally worked everyone's problems out. It was a lesson for both of us about remember her maturity level.

She was glad she had gone but wanted to stay and see Mall Cop and pitched one on the way out to the car.

I don't necessarily recommend this movie. It was about has weak as you think it is but it did have some cute "dog" moments.