Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas was delightful

I am left with a warm glow and a feeling of deep satisfaction instead of that
post-Christmas letdown.

Spending time with my sister was wonderful. She is a warm, wonderful person though
she wouldn't want you to know it.

She got to spend time with my granddaughter and the two of them, well they
were like peas in a pod. My sister was wonderful with her.

Our trip to Indianapolis was an experience. The Omni was lovely and St. Elmo's lived up to it's reputation for sure.

Presents were exchanged and Santa was wonderful to me. It was fun watching the kids open their presents from my sister. They were not expecting what they got
and they were all thrilled.

Christmas day was quiet with a meal at the local Chinese buffet and the movie "Marley and Me".

It was hard to see my sister go home this morning but I treasure the time we did have.