Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Here we go folks, the countdown to the big Christmas celebration.

Our money is tight this year so I am making every buck count. I have gotten some online work, that doesn't pay much but my goal is to have all my Christmas come from the money I make and so far it has.

I bought books and jewelry online and sent it the family in Arkansas. I had fun picking out a book for each of the nieces and nephews. For the youngest, Dawson who is 5 months old, I chose Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. Other books included Moo, La, Baa, Baa Baa, The Aunts (yes that is right) Go Marching, and A Chair for My Mother. For our older niece and my sister-in-law I got nice tiger-eye bracelets. For mom & pop-in-law, pepper and salt mills along with a supply of gourmet pepper and sea salt. For the rest and assortment of kitchen gadgets.

Can't tell you what I got my sister because she reads here but I was very pleased with it.

So far I've gotten my granddaughter a viewmaster, a Melissa & Doug modeling clay set. We will likely get her a that aquarium because she is interested in my fish. The guy at SailFin recommended it.

Still yet to buy, hubby of course, he is always a last minute thing. In our family drawing I drew my son-in-law, Dave. He's a hard one but it maybe easier than I knew depending on what someone else is getting him.

If you like Melissa & Doug, may I recommend All Things Kids. They are having a buy one get one free sale on M & D right now. Daughter and I took advantage of that yesterday.

Our Thanksgiving was great. Even though hubs was sick he managed the turkey for us. I made dressing and finally got it relatively like my mom used to make.

Now we are looking forward to Christmas. My sister is coming to be with us this year and we are all thrilled. On Christmas Eve the entire family will be going to Indianpolis and staying at the Omni and eating at St. Elmo's.

Other than falling on the ice the other day and cracking my tailbone, there is not much else to report. Peace.