Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Some people try to suck the joy out of everything

I was fortunate enough to have squirreled enough money away to buy my granddaughter (and my daughter) tickets to see The Backyardigains. The Backyardigains is one of my granddaughter's favorite television shows. She doesn't get much television and I guess we allow this one because adults can semi-enjoy it, too.

So, I'm talking to my Father-in-law this afternoon and he asks how she is doing and I tell him
about her grand adventure tonight.

His comment: You should be taking her to Bible Study instead.

I told him that our church doesn't have Bible Study on Wednesday night.

BUT, had I been quicker on my feet, I would have realized that she does indeed go to the little kids version of Bible Study when she goes to Circle of Friends Youth Club on Wednesday
afternoon, along with going to a church preschool 3x a week, Church and Sunday School on
Sunday morning and Children's choir on Sunday night.

His assumptions about our religious/spiritual lives is really on my last nerve. At our past church, he has told me that I and my kids go to the wrong church because we had a woman minister and gays attending and participating in the life of the church. At my daughter's wedding, he refused to participate in communion and kept the rest of the family from doing so, for the above named reasons, making an ass of himself.

So, I'm red-faced mad at him again.

Below is the email I sent him: I hope it was polite enough.

In our conversation earlier today, I told you that Alayna was getting a special treat tonight. You replied something about going her going to Bible Study. I told you that we didn't have Bible Study on Wed. night.

James pointed out to me that Alayna does have Bible Study on Wednesday afternoons. She goes from 3:30-6 to Circle of Friends Youth Club at the church we are all now attending. Below you will find an explanation of purpose from the church website.

Circle of Friends Youth Club

Wednesday after-school ministry for children in pre-school through fifth grade. This ministry runs from September through April and concludes each year with a musical production.

Students experience Christian discipleship which touches the whole person. The students discover that being a Christian is much more than learning Bible verses and accumulating information. They learn to put into practice the Bible teaching they receive by treating each other as children of God and reaching out to the community.

Three parts of Youth Club are each an inseparable part of the others:
Bible Study
We study the Bible joyfully, forming trusting, loving relationships as we learn to care for people in need in the world.
We worship & sing together in response to the story of God's saving love.
We eat together to nourish our souls in fellowship as well as to nourish our bodies. We celebrate our friendships in Christ as we "break bread together".

Alayna's father, comes when he leaves works and volunteers the last hour of the afternoon.

Along with this activity every week, Alayna also goes to a church sponsored preschool 3 mornings a week which has a Biblically-based curriculum.

On Sunday, she also attends either the 9:00 or 10:30 worship service for about 15 minutes and then goes to Sunday School.

In addition she sings in the "Genesis" choir which meets on Sunday evenings.

Her spiritual life is not being neglected by any stretch of the imagination.

In spite of her much-anticipated treat tonight, she is right now at her "Bible Study" just like every week.

I hope that addresses your concerns.