Sunday, October 12, 2008

Making a great impression

....and so I rolled out of bed and glanced at the Cable box to check the time. Ah, 9:20.

If I hurry I can still make it to church at 10:30. Luckily, I'd washed my hair yesterday morning and taken a bath the night before so all I really had to do was slip some clothes and I would be ready to go.

I called my daughter to see if they were going to go to church. Although I woke her up she thought if I'd come over and get the granddaughter dressed we could probably all make it.

I rounded up my purse and headed out the door, down Windsor, setting my cruise control to 35 so as not to get a ticket on this beautiful Sunday morning.

I arrived at my daughter's house to find my granddaughter sitting at the table with a bowl of Cheerios sans milk. She looked as if she had just tumbled out of bed with good reason, she had. I helped her get a few Cheerios down and about a half a glass of milk.

She and I went to her room and looked for an outfit to wear to church. She told me she wanted to go back to bed. This is her comment many morning so I didn't pay any mind. We found a suitable outfit complete with socks and shoes and returned to the living room to get dressed.

I noticed that her teeth were chattering. I also, didn't think too much of this and got her a glass of apple juice. I thought maybe she hadn't eaten much the night before and her blood sugar was low.

She was dressed and surprisingly wanted me to carry her to the door. She never asks for that anymore. I carried her to the top of the stairs and then put her gently down and we went down the stairs and out the door together with her mother behind us.

She was unusually quiet in the car.

We arrived at church and sat in our normal place. Gosh, we've been going there long enough to call our seats our "Normal" spot. Granddaughter and I colored the children's page we picked up on the way into the sanctuary.

We listened to Dr. Michael Hammer play some lovely opening music, which by the way I wish he would list the title in the program. We dutifully listened to a couple of announcements and then the older children's choir got up to sing some version of Amazing Grace. It was lovely as all children's choirs are.

We were just about to the end when ...

well something dreadful happened....

no, no one ate the baby

but the granddaughter....


Time stopped. I know it did. She was sitting on her mother's lap and hurled on the little boy in front of her.

I immediately grabbed her from her mother's lap to get her out of the sanctuary and took off. As I was leaving I heard the women tell her family to hurry up and move.

We were just about at the door to the sanctuary when granddaughter puked again and then again. ... down my shirt and into my bra. My bra became a container for puke. I think at some time my brain communicated with my nose to stop smelling cause I don't remember the urge to puke myself.

Some nice person lingering in the lobby directed us to the bathroom, where the granddaughter well .... puked again but unfortunately we hadn't quite reached a trash can or the toilet.

I've never seen so much white, curdled substance in my life.

She was done at this point and the color returned to her face and so did her quirky sense of humor. "Mamie" said the master of the obvious "I puked all over you".

Well, yes, she had.

Her mother rushed in at the point grabbing paper towels to go back in and clean up.

The little one and I stayed in the bathroom and cleaned up the best we could. Some nice lady brought the little one a painting shirt and I undressed her and cleaned her up a bit. She was in fine form commenting on every event as it unfolded.

Eventually, daughter returned and we were able to leave. Someone had found her the VOMIT kit and she was able to clean up most of the mess but it was going to need to be vacuumed. The bathroom needed to be mopped. I remember telling someone to tell whoever.

We took the granddaughter who was now all happy and chipper home, bathed her and loved on her a bit and then I went home.

Her Paypooh and I visited this evening and she seemed to have no lasting effects. She'd eaten some rice earlier that afternoon and had done well. We left some saltines and chicken noodle soup and bid her farewell.

I guess after all that, we should join the church, huh?