Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hump day

Just some thoughts and...

There is a money crisis.

I paid bills today and I can assure you there is one. I looked at our bills from 1 year ago and 5 years ago. In fairness my utility bills from 1 year ago are down. One year ago my daughter had lived with us over a month and my electricity, gas and water shot through the roof. Because they have moved out, consumption is down but cost hasn't gone down to pre-year ago levels.
Our cost for cable, car and house insurance have gone up dramatically. Even though I reduced what we get on cable. Food is another major concern. We are trying to cut back but there's only so much you can do and still have decent meals.

Facebook is odd.

I can't decide whether I like it or not. It is not stable on Firefox. Sometimes I can chat and sometimes the chat just completely disappears. It has helped me keep up with people that I know that I wouldn't necessarily maintain direct contact with.

Gay Marriage

I haven't discussed this on my blog since Zona died because I don't have all the facts. Something MUST be done and sooner rather than later. Zona's partner was treated in humiliating ways at the hospital and the morgue because they were not "legally" related.
She is lucky that Zona's family is a good one.


Over the last month or so, granddaughter has had a big leap in language skills. Her vocabulary has always been awesome but the leap has been that she talks in complete paragraphs and tells complete stories with vivid detail. It's amazing to watch her progress.

Burn After Reading

I keep saying I am not a big Cohen Brothers fan but I liked this one (as well as Fargo). It was not what I expected but it kept me interested and we left the theater talking about it.

It was the first movie we've been to in quite a while so we suffered from "sticker shock" even for the matinee.

Sarah Palin sunk McCain's boat. (I hope)

People should be outraged at McCain for bringing her to his ticket. She has all kinds of problems not the least of which is a lack of experience.

She is a person who thinks that disinformation and spewing hatred is okay in a contest. The ends justifies the means.

She is supposed to be held up as a Christian. I'm not seeing it. If that is the right-wing example, then no wonder people are turning away from God in record numbers.

I've never thought vindictiveness and hatefulness were good traits in a man or a woman.