Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A prayer
for the
Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost
Matthew 18:15-20

Oh God, beautiful speaker of the inner word, how wonderful is your name.

You have blessed and rewarded me beyond my understanding and still I commit sin.

You loved me and knew me before I was born but
still I yield to temptation.

You walk with me during my loneliest and most joyous time yet still I do not do your good.

Lord help me to remember to search my heart and your word to find what is right for me to do.

I asked for and you have provided me with companions for my faith journey. You put the right person in my path at the exact right time. My companions have loved me, helped me and shown me how to grow as a person and a believer.

Lately I've found that often I've gotten caught up in talking about my brothers and sisters in Christ. I've enjoyed knowing the wrongs of those around me and worse than that, I've enjoyed sharing it with others.

Though you love me, I forget that and get my sense of self-worth from thinking I am better than others.

I've hardened my hearts against those that wrong me and I hide it from them, sharing it with others instead.

Lord help me to become a builder of the church and not a destroyer. Make my heart soft and loving not vile and evil.

Let the words that flow from my mouth be loving and meant to build up and encourage. Let my heart reach out in love to those who are my companions on this journey and those who need companions on this journey.

Humble me, Lord, humble me. Make my grief for my wrongs bend me over so that I will remember forever the lessons you want me to learn.

You are my God and you are awesome.