Monday, September 08, 2008

Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost
Matthew 18:21-35

Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
We must have mercy.

Let me not be a wicked servant, O God, but a servant that is filled with mercy and compassion for those around me.

Let me not hold the transgressions of those around me in my heart, caressing them and loving them but loving not the transgressor.

Let me not be serve-serving in my dealings with my friends, family, co-workers and strangers met on the streets.

Rather Lord, help me to quickly let go of perceived debts and transgressions; letting them scatter in the wind like a dandelion.

Rather Lord, let my heart be a place of love that tells others of your forever caring.

Rather Lord, calm down my need to be "better than anyone else"; but help me be as good as you made me.

You are my maker and the lover of my soul.

Lord Have Mercy on me.
Christ Have Mercy on me.
Lord Have Mercy on me.