Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ted Kennedy

I confess, that I am not watching this stuff gavel to gavel.

I did see last night's tribute to Ted Kennedy. Whether you like it or not, I think Ted Kennedy is a great man. As Caroline said "if you....then he is your Senator". Well I did and he is. Yes, I know about Chappaquiddick and I do have to deal with that in my thinking. I don't know what the truth was/is. I likely will never know.

After Chappaquiddick should Ted have crawled into a hole and hidden his light forever? Did he deserve some legal system penalty..probably...did he get it... well no. Will he escape justice forever? No, he won't. His justice is coming soon. The justice that befalls us all....the looking back on our lives and grieving over who we could have been and what we should have done and what we should not have done. I can't take that away from him or anyone else for that matter.

Bill Clinton talked about being grateful for a life at Bill Gwatney's funeral. I am grateful that Teddy served in congress all these many years. I am grateful that he fought many hard fights and won some of them. I am grateful that he put light on some very difficult subjects. I am grateful that he kept the hope alive for a better society that treats all its citizens with dignity and respect.

So, I am glad that we celebrated his many years of service last night and we pray for peace in these coming months for him and his family.