Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A prayer
for the
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 16:21-28

Hello God.

I was thinking about Your Son today. He drove a hard bargain, didn't He. I mean He gave a lot but boy does He expect alot.

What does Your Son or ermm what do You expect me to give up so that I don't forfiet my soul?

Don't you know God, that the cross gets mighty heavy, mighty heavy. Sometimes I feel like I am Christ, himself dragging that cross up to Golgotha--weary, sick, but knowing that each step is a victory.

It would be much easier if I could just put it down for a bit and then pick it up when it's comfortable and convenient.

While I know that would certainly not be pleasing to You, it makes me feel weak and unworthy that I would even think that.

Sometimes, I get so involved in doing something for You that I forget about the weight of that cross. When I finally remember, I praise Your name in my heart.

There are moments when I feel like Peter. who your son compared to Satan one day. My own spirit is a stumbling block to me and maybe to others. My pride, envy, fruitless consumption and willfulness keep me from moving in directions that would accomplish Your goals---keep me from showing Your love through my deeds.

I fall and fall and fall over those things.

Your Son died a very human death but He died many deaths before that, didn't He. He was made fun of... I've been ridiculed. He was hated...I've been dispised. He fought with temptations.. I do that all the time.

He endured with your help.

I can endure with your help.

You loved me before I was born. That matters.

Okay, hand it to me, and I'll start the journey again and I know You are walking with me, God. Will You pick me up when I stumble? Will You whisper encouragment to my soul when it gets tough?

Oh, I'll call on you Lord... I'll call on you.