Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A prayer
for the
Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Matthew 16:13-20

Lord, please come and sit awhile.

I have a lot to say but I don't know
if I have the right words.

It's convenient some times to invoke
your name in a conversation. It's okay
at times to admit that I pray in private,
about private things. To some people
I will even confess that I depend on
you to get me through some days, events.

Yet, I would never say those things to
"certain" people.... people who would
raise one eyebrow and then have a hollow
look in their eye. I know they would go
away thinking that I was silly or even

On Sunday, in church, I recite the creeds
that are given to us to recite and I sing
the hymns that are numbered for us. I say
Amens and speak out loud in the appropriate
places in the liturgy.

But Lord, I confess that I am weak and
sometimes scared and unprepared to share
your name with some who might not
"understand". I want to Lord, but it is

You understand, don't you?

Who are you? You are my Christ. You
have walked with me in incredible times
of pain and disillusionment. You have
smiled and laughed with me in times of
incredible joy and happiness.

You have steered me to paths that brought
me contentment and fulfillment and
lifetimes of joy.

You have not said "I told you so" when I
chose roads to go down that were not
for me. You have just put your arm around
my shoulder, let me cry, then you dusted
me off and let me go off on
my way again.

And yet, I still find it hard to tell some
of our relationship.

I find much satisfaction in the work that we
do together, Lord. You equip me with
all I need to do what you need.

Well, except courage Lord.

So, today I am asking for courage to confess
in word and deed that you are the lover of
my soul and that I love you and depend on
you. I know that I am like the Cowardly Lion
in the Wizard of OZ. The courage is there, I
just need to access it, huh?

Help me find
ways to do that, Lord.

Push me.

Shove me.

Require me to do so.

You are my Christ.

You are my strength.

You are wonderful and amazing beyond

what words can express.

Lord, can you sit for a while longer while I
think on this?