Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adventures in Cooking-Week 1 results

As you might remember from this Mudlife Mutations blog post I have embarked on my new avocation as a "chef".

Well, one thing I learned from yesterday's experience is that I need to pick better recipes!

Okay, the basic roasted chicken from The Paupered Chef was absolutely DELICIOUS. The skin was crispy as promised but beyond that, the chicken was really good. I think this was not only due to the recipe but to the chicken that was purchased from the Moores. I'm about to become a believer, I tell ya. Of course it costs more but WOW!

As for the Berry Strata from Food Network's Giada De Laurentiss, I'd have to advise you to pass. Maybe I can work on it and make it into something. It needs some flavor, maybe some cinnamon or some nutmeg or something. I certainly had too much bread in there and I cut them too big so that is on me.

Tune in next week for next week's ADVENTURES IN COOKING.