Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why I don't like Pit Bulls or their owners

I admit it. I am a bigot.

I do not like the breed(s) of dogs commonly thought of as pitbulls.

If my Pomeranian looses her tiny mind and decides to attack someone, she may leave a nasty gash in their ankle but unless they get a nasty infection they will probably live to tell about the experience.

Beyond all that, I don't like owners who take their dogs out in public but can't control them. If a dog is dragging you across a field, a store, etc., YOU DON'T HAVE CONTROL of the damn animal, now do you?

Today, I stopped by a local pet store with my 3 year old granddaughter, to get some dog food and wild bird food. Upon entering the store I saw a couple with a pitbull on a long leash. I walked as close to the wall and as far away from them as I could. The couple's backs were turned so they were not aware of us. The pitbull left his owner's side and start coming toward us...not in a threatening way necessarily but towards us none-the-less. I stopped, made sure I was between the dog and my granddaughter, and then asked firmly BUT politely asked the owner to get control of his dog.

The woman started in with the "my dog doesn't bite, the little girl can pet him."

I didn't want to pet the dog, I wanted to get where I was going without feeling afraid for my granddaughter.

The woman continued on with how pitbulls have a bad reputation but are really sweet dogs.

Well, folks, something snapped inside me.

I turned towards them and let them have it. I told them I don't give a shit whether their dog has always been friendly and never bitten anyone. I told them my daughter's friend had a really sweet pitbull who would never harm a fly and then one day that same dog, without any provocation, nearly destroyed a child's face.

I'm sure I was beet red by this time. I told them if they were going to have a dog that big in public to keep it on a short leash and I walked away.

The manager came over a couple of minutes later and apologized to me. The dog belongs to an employee and is in there all the time and loves kids. She agreed with me that the dog should not be allowed to approach anyone while in the store.