Friday, July 25, 2008

Why I am not writing much

You see, its like this.

When stuff is going on around here that I'd love to unload on you all, and I can't, then I don't want to write at all. I just need to get over that I guess.

Daughter and SIL are going to Chicago for a big fancy wedding this weekend. The mother of the groom is co-chair of the DNC Finance Committee, so there are sure to be a bunch of high-level Dems in attendance. I'm jealous.

The granddaughter is scheduled to go visit her Aunt and Uncle in Indianapolis while they are gone. It will be her first time to spend a night with them and I am sure they will all have a grand time.

My body is turning on me and I'm sure it's related to the stressful stuff going on around here. My right arm doesn't want to work some of the time and feels like it is strained. My legs are sore and my tailbone is in a lot of pain.

Hope you have a grand weekend.