Friday, June 06, 2008

A week of waiting in waiting rooms

I have spent approximately 4 hours in doctor's waiting rooms this week.

Monday, I met with a Diabetic Educator. She was awesome and a great resource! After she finished she sent me down to talk to a pharmacist about how to schedule my meds. HE was also AWESOME!!

Tuesday, I went in so the nurse could look at my logbook. (Couldn't she have looked on Monday?) She's pretty cool. Of course my numbers are not where the doc wants so they are upping my Byetta to 10 whatevers which will mean another round of bad nausea and vomiting. I'm not changing until I get back from my mini-vacation.

Wednesday night, I noticed, that my blood pressure was looking pretty low well like 70/45. Subsequent readings were anywhere from 90/68 to 75/54. This came after a weekend of an accelerated pulse. OY VEY!!

Finally, I called and made an appointment with my primary care. My blood pressure at the office was 88/54. She took me off BOTH of my blood pressure meds until I go back on Tuesday, and did some blood work and an EKG. A cardiologist will look at it first thing Monday morning. The doctor reminded me, and I really had forgotten, that one of the purposes of me losing all this weight and eating right,etc. is so that I can get off some of my medication. Oh yeah.

Anyway, I haven't really felt bad, just a little tired.