Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good News on the doorstep

Two weekends ago, I had a little bout of racing pulse. I started taking my blood pressure 4-5 times a day. That passed and I noticed that my blood pressure readings were really getting quite low. I didn't know if that meant low for me or low for everyone. When it got down to 72/58, I made an appointment with the doctor.

Friday, I went in, had some labs, EKG and they took my blood pressure which was 80/54. Though I hadn't realized it, I was really tired, so much that I was taking a nap every afternoon and I am NOT a napper.

The doctor had me not take my bp meds starting Saturday, monitor and log my blood pressure readings and come back today. As of today, I am off Blood Pressure medications!!!!

ANd if that is not enough.

After meeting with a Diabetic Educator last week who had me talk to their pharmacist and he had me change the schedule of my medications, my blood sugars have come down to an acceptable range. (Awful sentence I know)

I was scheduled to increase my Byetta dose after my trip to Arkansas with my sister this weekend. That was before my blood sugars came down this weekend. I am going to keep monitoring and before I switch to the higher dose I will meet with the nurse again. I may get to avoid it :).

So far, I've lost 34 lbs and it's paid off.