Monday, June 30, 2008

The camera stayed at home again :( (Have fun in Illinois)

Sunday was another good day for us.

After waking up late, getting some drinks and ice for the cooler we took off for Kickapoo.

The granddaughter had a wonderful time riding with us on the paddleboat, watching the geese, swans and some brightly-colored songbirds. Near the concession stand a 4-piece Latino band was playing and it was making my toe tap.

We looked for a good place to bank fish and finally found a little cove. I was the first one out of the car and down to the bank and I spied a young man swimming. I said hi.

He said, "Maam, I don't mean to offend anyone, but I don't have any clothes on."

So, I walked back to the car while he got out and got himself appropriately covered.

In hindsight I wish I had just said "that is your problem, you dumbass."

It started to rain soon after that so we headed home.

Still in the park we saw two young deer, eating in a rocky hillside. It was a beautiful site.

We had intended to go to the concert at Hessel but never made it and instead had some wings at BW3s and played Holdem Poker.

It was a good weekend overall.