Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rough going for this old bird

This is almost as bad as the Topomax caper in 05.

The Byetta is turning my stomach upside down. I am working with the nurse to try to get this to work but it's rough going.

The almost full time nausea is debilitating and no one seems to understand that. I have a performance Friday night and I have no idea how the hell I'm going to get it done.

As of right now this is my schedule.

6 a.m. 1 pepcid

8 a.m. Byetta and breakfast

10 a.m. light snack and the rest of my medications

12 lunch

2:30 light snack and Metformin

5:00 dinner Byetta

8-9 light snack, metformin, Pepcid

I've read that this can pass and that some people NEVER get passed the nausea. Sunday I vomited my breakfast and my dinner. Projectile vomiting, starting by coughing.

My appetite is pretty non-existant. Not much tastes good and sometimes it is almost more than I can do to eat something resembling a meal. Today, however, for lunch (and yes I know this was a horrible choice) daughter got me a Frosty with M & M's in it and I actually could eat about a 3rd of it and it tasted good. I felt normal for a few minutes. My fasting blood sugars are dropping some and the weight is peeling off.