Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happiness is Cabot, Arkansas in your rearview mirror

Hubby, granddaughter and I traveled to Arkansas over the weekend.

Granddaughter surprised us with her demeanor during the whole trip but especially while driving. It is a 10 hour trip, one-way and she IS three and has to sit bound as if she is going into orbit. Most of the time she entertained herself with coloring and her little people/characters. Occasionally she would say "Okay guys, we're going to sing the bear went over the mountain, one-two-three" and we would all sing. We did visit every rest stop between Champaign and our final destination. It allowed her to get her wiggles out and take care of other business. Although she has only be "officially" potty trained for 1 month, she did not have one accident the entire trip.

It was nice to visit with husbands parents, brother, sister and brother's family. We had a fish fry on Saturday night with fish caught out of father-in-law's pond.

Granddaughter had a wonderful time playing with her second cousins. It doesn't take her long to make friends wherever she goes.

We came back on Sunday and were glad to get back.