Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I fell off the wagon and it hurt

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist tomorrow for a consult. My primary (who is really an OB-GYN) doesn't feel she has a good handle on things and wants help.

Of course this last weekend, I feel off the wagon with diet and meds. This follows a couple weeks of being really sick and not eating meals regularly so just like always happens, one day I didn't take them then the next then the next. This includes ALL my meds not just my diabetes drugs. I haven't tested either and I'm not going to until tomorrow. So if he fusses he fusses.

I started back today with everything.

I was explaining to my friend yesterday, food is comfort. It is awfully difficult to give up that method of soothing my self. I want cake. I want ice cream. I want Coke. And I did well from March 4 until last Thursday. Still with everything I was doing my blood sugars were still too high. I think that is discouraging BUT I was losing weight.

I'm sure we'll talk about going to insulin tomorrow.