Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekly update

I've noticed that the Metformin isn't bothering me quite as bad though there is a little hint of nausea now and again.

This week I've discovered that I really can't eat pizza the night before and get a decent fasting blood sugar the next day. (Or maybe it was because I also had an enchilada and chips at Fiesta Cafe.)

My blood pressures are whipping themselves into shape. So hopefully I won't have to change medications or heaven forbid add another one. I'm just now starting to feel human again and not so washed out.

My new meter arrived this weekend and it is quite sleek. I dropped off a form to get a prescription for the test strips to the doctor this morning so I could get a 90 day supply at a decent cost. Those little test strips are expensive.

Below are new readings:


Heading down. This morning was a disappointment, though.