Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is not good

That minor sore throat I had turned into a major event.

Wednesday I knew I was sick, but not that sick. Sore throat, a little heat and a low-grade fever.

Thursday not to bad.

Thursday night, the sore throat pain became intense and I started taking Motrin which dulled it a little.

Friday, I started avoiding swallowing. I decided I would go to Convenient Care at County Market
and get myself an anti-biotic as soon as hubby got home from work to watch the munchkin.

I went was there for 5 minutes and they sent me to the ER. It seems that this was no normal sore throat it was actually a Peritonsillar Abscess with a Deviated Uvula. Of course it was too late to call my regular doctor so I had no choice. (For those of you that live in Chambana, you might remember that Friday was Unofficial St. Patricks Day.)

The P.A. was afraid that my tonsils were so swollen that my airway might close.

Because I am more familiar with Provena, I made the mistake of going there. My insurance will now cover Carle and I really should have gone there.

I arrived at the ER at 5:01. It was 45 minutes before I saw the triage nurse. She was quite nice. It was another, oh maybe 45 minutes before they called me back to ER and put me in a room. They checked my vitals including my Blood Sugar which was way to high and my blood pressure which was on the high side too. I undressed, they put me on a bed and left.

FOr at least two hours I saw NO ONE. I could have died. Remember the P.A. was worried about my airway closing? 2 hours. NOt one person looked at me. Finally the doctor came in and said they would start me on IV which was good because I really was thirsty here. He also said they would admit me with possible surgery in the morning.

Well, guess what? There were no rooms. I guess he finally got ahold of the ENT on call and they gave me a shot of prednisone and IV antibiotic and sent my happy ass home to be seen by the ENT at 8:30 in the morning.

(BTW if I never hear a whiney, drunk college-age kid again in my life I will be thrilled. IF I hadn't been attached to an IV there were a couple of times I would have walked out in the hall and slapped a couple of their little wooden heads.)

I saw the ENT the next morning, and he did the procedure they would have done as surgery in the hospital. He drained my little puss-filled tonsils and then cut it with a scalpel so it would drain.

I feel better as long as I don't forget to take my pain med on time. I go back in 10 days and we'll talk about taking my tonsils out, as it seems this is very likely to recur.