Friday, March 07, 2008


---thoughts about the Democratic Presidential nomination.

I've said all along, well maybe not on my blog, that Obama and Clinton would make wonderful choices. I leaned towards Obama because honestly, I can't face the nastiness that will occur if Clinton is the nominee. I prefer her health care plans.

After thinking for a long time that the eventual nominee should not choose the other, I have changed my mind. Because this has been so bitter, I believe they will have to team up as Pres & VP in order to win the Presidency.

Their egos are not as important (yeah right) as this country. So Obama, Hillary get on my bandwagon because it's all about me.

---All the violence is dragging me down. I'm not going to watch the news. Jerusalem, South America, college campus murders, children being abused in car washes, twin 3 year olds being battered, US payrolls down 63000 people, Swayze has cancer. I think I should just pull the covers up and hide.

---My sister has me in to watching American Idol. I was ticked they kicked Daniel off last night. I'll get over it.

---Speaking of my sister, she is doing quite well, considering. She continues to make thoughtful and wise decisions about her now and her future. I'm pulling for her and I know you all are too. Sunday, Larry will have been gone 2 months.