Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day is over already

No big deal around here, believe me. Cards were exchanged at lunch.

Hubby got me pretty rose and a silly card after I asked him not to.

Granddaughter got a card from us and 2 Hallmark toys. She was happy. They didn't exchange cards at her school or have a party which I think is great.

I thought maybe Hubby and I might sneak going out to dinner tonight but son-in-law has a 4 p.m. appt (changed from 2:30). We can usually get in anywhere at 4 when hubby gets off work but I'm not a fool, I'm not going anywhere with hubby and have to wait in line after that. He has the patience of a Tasmanian Devil for waiting in lines to eat.

So we did have a brief moment of the holiday and then it slipped way.