Friday, February 15, 2008

My friend, Lynilu

at Never Ending Journey wrote a post about those awful right-wing emails we all get from time to time from our friends and relatives.

I just recently had to ask my husband's uncle to quit emailing that kind of crap. I should have had her write my letter for me.

I am including it here so that maybe you can use it if you are so inclined.

Dear family and friends,

I love getting email! I enjoy getting emails about family news, as well as humor, verified news and information, safety tips, signs of heart attack, etc. I like the fast turn-around we have with email. It makes planning reunions or other get-togethers and passing on life events and news so much easier than snail mail or phones. I hope to always have this convenience at our finger tips. Or something even better! I am writing with a request regarding email.

Because I am often faced with emails that I find offensive I am making the following request. Please take me off any mailings negatively regarding immigration, homosexuality, or bigotry in general. I find most of them lacking in validity and skewed with personal ideas not based in any rationale that I can understand or accept. I have a “live and let live” policy. I also have friends and family members who would fit into these rather ugly categories, if it were important to me to consider those characteristics. But I don’t consider that. I choose to have them in my life because of how they relate to me and generally to the rest of the world.
I’m not asking you to change your opinions, ideals, or values. I’m simply stating that I prefer to not receive these types of mail as I see them as an attempt to change mine. I consider them judgmental, at best, or hate mail, and I do not wish to receive them. I choose to not judge, lest I be judged.

I have tried to carefully consider the people to whom I email anything. I have tried to be aware of the general values of each person before I email something that I know might be unattractive to them. I may have erred, and if I have offended you with a raw joke or something in the past, please accept my sincere apology. If I should offend you after this, let me know so that I won’t do so again. This is exactly why I write this ... to let everyone know my preferences, since I have apparently not expressed them well enough.

I will admit I am intolerant of intolerance. I don’t like everyone, either, but I don’t choose who is in my life by those guidelines. I embrace people, including you, simply because I love them, and because they are good to me, complete my life in one way or another. When I receive such emails, I’m not swayed in favor of them; rather I’m angered toward attitudes that perpetrate and perpetuate such things.

I do not wish to be at odds with anyone to whom I mail this. And if you’ve not mailed such to me, thank you. I am simply informing people I care about and wish to have continued contact with of my preferences. I want to continue to hear about the ongoing life events and topics mentioned above. But please do me the honor of omitting me from those emails which are unpleasant. If this brings an end to friendly emails, that will be sad, but sad would be better than angry.