Monday, February 25, 2008

Lube me up before you go girl

Yesterday, my daughter took her van to a box store to have the oil changed, etc.

They lost her keys. The set of keys with the storage unit keys on it and our house keys, etc.

They thought maybe the person who had parked it after finishing might have stuck them in her pocket and accidentally taken them home with her.

She lived 30 minutes away and had no cellphone.

No one said they were sorry.

We happened to be at Staples and went back over there where I found a box store employee who was willing to call a manager for us. All the manager ever said was they would look in to it. Still no one has even said they were sorry.

Hubby runs into yet another management person and tells her what is going on. About this time the errant employee returns with the keys. She has now been gone long enough to drive to our home and back (she has the address) or to get a key made to our home (she has the address).

I was livid.

They did give my daughter a 20 buck gift card which was the cost of the oil change.

Then today I got this in email today