Thursday, January 31, 2008

Those darn Grandkids

My granddaughter has been talking to her Great Aunt Bambi most nights to say good night.

Last night she told her Aunt "don't let the bedbugs bite" only she said "don't let the bug beds bite". When she got off the phone she said "I said that backwards". I thought that was an awesome concept for her to get.

She mumbled something about calling Bambi back and saying it right. We were watching something on tv and we weren't paying attention when she picked up my cellphone and hit last number dialed.

She started talking to someone and we assumed it was Bambi but then we hear a man's voice. Before we could get the phone away from her she closed the cell phone.

When I looked to see who she had called, it was my Father-in-law. OY VEY!!!

THey are generally in bed by 8ish and it was after nine.

I called him back and luckily he wasn't asleep. But he was worried something was wrong because he couldn't understand her.

After I finished talking to him, daughter and I laughed til we cried.