Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snowin' & a blowin'

Nasty night around here.

Around 3 this afternoon the first snowflakes were seen on the back porch. It has been snowing almost steadily since.

I did get to watch my wren come and get seed and suet. I am almost out of squirrel and bird seed and after a desperate plea to my sweet daughter, I am restocked. (She works next door to the bird food store).

We are expecting 8-10 inches tonight. We've already had about 2 inches. The local schools have closed and everyone should be snuggling in for a nice weekend at home. I went to the store at lunch rather than wait for four o'clock. It was already crowded then.

I won 2 tickets to the Purdue/Illinois game this weekend. I thought SIL might enjoy it before his trip the hospital next week but he wasn't as enthused as I'd hoped. Maybe hubby and I will just go roads permitting.

I hope you are all wrapped tight in your warmest blanket, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the quietness.