Thursday, December 06, 2007

what do you see?

I feel an unceasing urge to walk.
the days are short and dreary
the nights, long and cold and lonely.
I feel pulled to journey forward
to examine the unresolved and overwhelming grief,
to acknowledge it and love it and let it go.
that done I feel the urge to travel.
in the distance of my mind I see a star-laden night sky
crisp and cold, yet inviting,
an outbuilding of rough-hewn timbers,
and spaces as big as my hand,
that the cold, bitter winter winds rush through.
as I draw nearer I can see that this building is occupied
by a strong, concerned man with worker̢۪s hands
and a young woman barely of age, looking knowingly and lovingly
at a child, wrapped in rags and laid in straw.
in the distance of my mind I can almost hear joyful, lively music.
i see other grievers looking toward this harsh haven
with longing and hope in their tear-filled eyes.
I look again and see simplicity
and I wonder what it is we are all trying to see
in that place that protects the dumb beasts from the chill.