Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the day after Christmas

... and boy is it quiet around here.

Everyone has gone to work and the little one is still asleep. She's had some late nights recently so I am letting her sleep until she is ready to get up.

Our family Christmas happened on Christmas Eve. Our son agreed to play Santa for the child. It seemed to confuse her. We found out later that she knew it was her Uncle.

Because our SIL could not eat we did not make a big deal of the meal. We cooked a spiral-sliced ham and everyone had sandwiches when they were hungry. Our daughter-in-law brought a wonderful Five Cup Salad, my favorite.

The Grandchild truly enjoyed the festivities. She got presents that she adores. Everything was played with and she liked EVERYTHING she got from the drums to the beautiful dress her Aunt Ashley got her to her Baby Alive that really poops to her puzzles. She also got a camera and enjoyed taking many, many pictures of us all.